DataWorks! Salon

DataWorks! Salon enables researchers to take part in conversation spaces that foster an exchange of ideas to design effective practices for data sharing and reuse.

Next DataWorks! Salon

  • June 21: Data Sharing and Reuse in Neuroscience
    Join us as we discuss best practices for data sharing and reuse in neuroscience with researchers and data experts. Giorgio Ascoli, PhD, George Mason University and Jakob Seidlitz, PhD, University of Pennsylvania Medical School will share their data sharing and reuse projects. Additionally, information on and Brain Chart will be discussed to give researchers an in-depth understanding of how to share and reuse data in clinical and non-clinical neuroscience contexts. This salon will support neuroscience researchers in learning and implementing best practices and will create a space for community conversations around how data science and neuroscience are evolving today.

    The salon will cover:
    -Data sharing best practices
    -How to reuse and harmonize neuroscience data
    -The use of metadata and ontology in neuroscience 

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