ASBMB Motifs, Modules Networks: Assembly and Organization of Regulatory Signaling Systems


July 11-14, 2023

Our understanding of how cellular signaling networks are organized has evolved substantially in recent years. Namely, the myriad components of signaling networks—receptors, signaling enzymes such as phosphatases and kinases, substrates, and scaffolding proteins—often assemble through highly dynamic interactions involving intrinsically disordered regions and short linear sequence motifs (SLiMs). These dynamic interactions allow for rapid responses to signaling inputs and dictate systems-level properties of signaling networks. Understanding SLiM-mediated interactions has made it possible to define "substratomes" of signaling enzymes as well as interaction networks that provide novel insights into signaling platforms and cellular networking mechanisms.

This interdisciplinary conference will bring together researchers in structural biology, biochemistry, computational biology, and proteomics who investigate cellular signaling networks and leverage these insights into the development of new therapeutic strategies.

Location: Potomac, MD

For more information and to register, visit American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology